Twisted Plots

An Amy Kate Mystery


A Fire—
A Murder—
What’s happened to her quiet little town of Pine Lake?
Bookshop owner, Amy Kate Anderson, thought she was having the worse day ever … until they wheeled a body out of the coffee shop next door and her friend, Matt Murphy, co-owner of the Beans and Leaves, became the number one suspect for the DA.
Can Amy Kate find a way to help her friend and keep her dreams for her bookshop from going up in smoke? Or will the handsome Lieutenant Gabe Cooper have his way and leave Amy Kate fishing for clues among the ashes?

Available on Amazon,  Kindle, and in Kindle Unlimited.

small town mysteries and romances

No Room in His Heart 

 What happens when Evie’s car breaks down on the highway and her only hope is the handsome, sure of himself inn owner who can’t find his phone and lives off pizza?
A sweet Christmas romance that will have you laughing.

Available on Amazon,  Kindle, and in Kindle Unlimited.

Bonita Y. McCoy

"But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord's love is with those who fear Him, and His righteousness with their children's children -" Psalm 103: 17.


Devotions for your quiet time with God that include Scripture, personal application and prayer. Add a cup of caffeine if you like.  Coffee With God is always better than coffee alone. 

Seeds of Love

It's not easy being the king of first dates!

Julie Wilson ran away to Miller Creek leaving the Casanova who broke her heart behind. Now, she’s ran smack dab into another sweet talker, with killer blue eyes, and a great sense of humor. There’s no denying the chemistry, but when family issues pop up, can she trust him to help or will his own interests prove more important?

Jed Sawyer’s reputation sustained a heavy blow thanks to his Aunt Adele and his hundred first dates. He wants to settle down but not at the expense of being the center of town gossip. So, he’s made up his mind no more dates. Enough is enough.

Until he meets the new girl in town.

Now, he must convince her the rumors aren’t true. But that might be easier said than done!

Truth Be Told 

Haden Sawyer, owner of Sawyer Construction, didn’t mean to lie to the whole town of Miller Creek, but what was he supposed to do when his fiancé left him two weeks before the wedding.

Now, Claire Reed and her son Henry have entered his life, and with another lie, he’s placed them both in the center of his world.  Add to the mix his matchmaking Aunt Adele, and a mom who’s desperate to be a grandmother, and Haden’s not sure which way is up. All he knows is what started out as a lie of convenience has transformed into something worth fighting for.

Can Haden win Claire’s trust and heart, or will she see him only as the man who took the easy way out?